“Learning in Many Worlds: Momolu’s Journey from Liberia to New York City”

“Learning in Many Worlds: Momolu’s Journey from Liberia to New York City” is a non-fiction story based on the experiences of the main character, Momolu. The first in a series that explores the challenges that children face around the world, this account provides a compelling and informative picture of one fictionalized experience against a particular historical and geographical backdrop.

While the piece focuses primarily on Momolu’s life, it is meant to be a starting place to draw on further conversations with refugee students, ongoing research, and imagination. It includes key vocabulary and a glossary of terms, as well as historical background and context. It also incorporates student reflection and thought-pieces, and offers additional reading material, suggested activities, and tips for lesson-planning. This work is intended for high school students who may not have had the chance to develop on-grade reading skills, but who have age-appropriate emotional and psychosocial maturity. It presents mature subject matter through language intended for students with a 2nd-4th grade reading level, and is noted as a Level Q reader on the Voices Leveled Library system.

Written by Celia Reddick. Meant for ages 14-18. Visit https://reach.gse.harvard.edu/resources/k12-educators for a free download.

Original image by European Unio/Louiza Ammi (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/). No changes made. bit.ly/2QgS65D

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