Beginner Korean 1A Week 3

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Review how to say the key phrases one more time and try to do some of the activities listed below.

Review ㄱ and ㄴ! Do you remember what sound each letter makes? 

Hands-On Activity: Let’s listen! 

Page 1: Listen to the audio for each question by clicking on the video below and try to guess what sound each word is making. Draw a circle on the correct hangul alphabet letter. (answers on page 2: no peeking until you’re done)! 

  • Question 1: eggplant

  • Question 2: butterfly

  • Question 3: country

  • Question 4: whale

  • Question 5: giraffe

Page 3: Can you spot all of the ㄱ and ㄴ in the picture on this page?  (answers on page 4: no peeking until you’re done)! 


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