Beginner Korean 1E Week 1

This week, we began talking about eating food! We will continue talking about this next week as well. Review how to say the key phrases and try to do some of the activities listed below. *TIP: click on the greyed text to hear the pronunciation of the words (works on desktop/android devices)*

Review Saying the Key Phrases:

  • 뭐해요? (mo-hae-yo) (what are you doing?)

  • 먹어요 (muhg-uh-yo) (eat)

  • 조금 (zzo-geum) (a little)

  • 많이 (ma-nee) (a lot)

Hands-On Activity: Let’s Write & Draw! 

  • Download the hands-on activity below. Practice writing and drawing pictures for the words cheese and pizza in Korean

  • is an interesting sound isn’t it? This is a new vowel (모음) that we will discuss in detail in future lessons. For now, just have fun getting to know these two words for this lesson!

    • 치즈 (chee-zeu) (cheese)

    • 피자 (pee-za) (pizza)

Let’s Sing!

  • Listening to and singing songs is a great way to learn languages. Music helps us to retain words and expressions much more effectively. Language is all about repetition and the rhythm, repeating words and patterns help us memorize words.

  • Check out this kids song (동요) connected to this lesson called 치즈송 (chee-zeu song) (Cheese Song)!

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