Beginner Korean 1G Week 7

This week, we learned about phrases we could use at the zoo and when we become hungry! Review how to say the key phrases and try to do some of the activities listed below. *TIP: click on the greyed text to hear the pronunciation of the words (works on desktop/android devices)*

Review Saying the Key Words and Phrases:

  • 우와 (wow!) 

  • 이거 (this)

  • 저거 (that) 

  • 봐요 (look)

Hands-On Activities: Let’s Read!

  • Who is doing what? Where are they doing the activity? Look at the picture and circle the correct answer

  • Answer Key (No peeking until you're done!)
    A. 우와 B. 이거 C. 저거 D. 봐요 E. 배 F. 배고파요 G. 피자 H. 밥 I. 김밥

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