Beginner Korean 1H Introduction


지금 몇시에요? Beginner Korean 1H is all about talking about time and the four seasons. By the end of this Korean 1H, kids will be able to:

  • Talk about time, the days of the week, the four seasons, and use these new words with phrases learned in previous classes in Korean 1A to 1G. Recommended Pre-requisites 

  • Beginner Korean 1H is a unit that follows Ottiya’s Beginner Korean curriculum and assumes that students can recognize some simple consonants (자음) and 모음 ㅏㅣㅗ

  • It is normal for students to not demonstrate complete mastery of these sounds at this point and this unit can still be followed by students who did not take Beginner Korean 1A~1F if they review words from the “My First Korean Words 1” setlist simultaneously.

  • We highly recommend that you take 1:1 or group Zoom classes with us when you are using this homeschooling curriculum so that your child(ren) can receive extra support from our Korean teachers

Review the simple consonants:

  • Review the simple consonants (자음)

Hands-On Activity: My First Korean Words 1 

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