Beginner Korean 1H Week 1

This week, we started to learn about how to tell time in Korean! Review how to say the key phrases and try to do some of the activities listed below. *TIP: click on the greyed text to hear the pronunciation of the words (works on desktop/android devices)*

Review Saying the Key Words and Phrases:

  • 지금 (now) 

  • 몇시에요? (what time is it?)

  • 한시 (1 o’clock)

  • 두시 (2 o’clock)

  • 세시 (3 o’clock)

Hands-On Activities: Let’s Write! 

  • Let’s practice writing down the words and phrases we learned this week!

Let’s Explore! 

  • What were the words and phrases we learned in previous classes? Think about how we can talk about time with those phrases.

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