The Cow Who Loves to Eat Fruit! 《愛吃水果的牛》

Story Summary

Once upon a time, there was a cow who lived in a farm with all kinds of different fruit trees. His caring owner fed him different kinds of fruit every day and the cow was pleased. One night on a blustery cold night with strong winds, the cow’s owner became sick. All of the neighbors also got sick with the cold as well.

The cow, on the other hand remained healthy. He wondered if he was able stay healthy because of all the fruit he ate. Just then, the cow came up with an idea! He ate all kinds of different fruit and produced different kinds of fruit milk. He made strawberry milk, banana milk and even grape milk! His owner and the neighbors all drank the different types of fruit milk produced by the cow and recovered from the cold. Since then, everybody loves to eat fruit.

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