Gu Dong is Coming!《咕咚来了》

Story Summary

A papaya dropped into the lake from a tree, and made a loud noise that went “Gu Dong”. Three rabbits became frightened by the noise thinking that it was a scary monster. The rabbits ran away and told all of their animal friends they met along the way about a monster called “Gu Dong” coming after them all.

All the animals in the forest started to panic and ran away from “Gu Dong”. Towards the end of the story, the animals meet a frog who isn’t frightened by the noise at all. That’s because the frog sees and hears papayas dropping into the lake all the time, making the sound “Gu Dong”! The frog encourages the other animals to learn the truth about “Gu Dong” by seeing what it is for themselves. All of the animals realize that “Gu Dong” is not a monster at all. In fact, it’s just the sound of papayas dropping into the lake!

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Why do papayas drop off trees? 

What do papayas look like?

this is a picture of a papaya tree!

this is what a papaya looks like in the inside!

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