Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality Lyrics

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Verse 1

Hey kids!

Today we’re gonna learn

About some new things 

In this world! 

If you want to learn about something new,

Then this special song is just for you!

So follow me, and you will see,

It’s all about mixed reality! 

(Okay, time for a little break now.)

(But not for too long though ’cause here comes part two)

Verse 2 

when you’re laying down on your bed

just put on your virtual headset

tell me now, what do you see?

is it something out of your dreams?

could be real or could be fake

maybe placed there by mistake

all these new things for you to see

could be everything you want it to be

Verse 3

in the world of mixed reality

you can fly through the galaxy

pet a dog or go on a trip

we can even go with your rocket ship

become a superman or super girl

do good in this beautiful world

there’s so much to do and so much to see

in the world of mixed reality

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