Interview with Nadia, Youth Reporter of the Capital of Children

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What if children created news and media? What kind of content would they bring into the world? We talk to Nadia Rosendahl, one of the grade 5 students who is a Youth Reporter of the Capital of Children in Billund, Denmark.

Also featured in the interview are Cecile Nisgaard and Mette M. Martensen, Mentors from the University of Southern Denmark and Morten Møller, Senior Program Manager for the Capital of Children‘s Play, Learning & Creativity programs and Project Manager of the Youth Reporter course

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An example of an interview Nadia did as a Youth Reporter of the Capital of Children

This interview was a part of a series of mini-reports that the Youth Reporters did for Denmark’s National Chamber of Industry to examine why production companies are struggling to attract young people and women for production jobs. The videos were shown at a major conference for hundreds of top level executives and decision makers. Some of the questions the Youth Reporters asked included: what is it like to work at a factory? Is it boring to work with robots and computers all day? Where are the women? 


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