Talking About Japan’s Education for International Understanding

Hann Otani is an international education professional working at the Nippon Foundation in Japan. She wrote an article entitled “Teaching Diversity in Japan” for the Community Issue of the Ottiya Magazine. The piece explores the impact of globalization on a traditionally homogenous Japanese society and in turn how schools are responding to these changes.

In this audio interview, Hanna Otani talks with her mother, Dr. Midori Otani who is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Shimane University in Japan. Together, they discuss a program called “Education for International Understanding”, which was launched to help Japanese youth to learn and respect intercultural differences.

About Dr. Midori Otani: Dr. Midori Otani is a faculty member of the Department of Education (Language and Culture Education Course) at Shimane University in Japan. She has done extensive research on intercultural communication, international education, and English education for special needs.

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