Ottiya Indiegogo Campaign Launches!

I cannot believe that more than 8 months have passed since we started to work on the Ottiya magazine. All of this started with one conversation with a friend and now we have over 20 people who have contributed to the inaugural issue of the Ottiya magazine. We come from all walks of life. Some of them are students, educators, architects, and others have other professions. What unites us though is our common passion for meaningful, creative, and fun learning & education. We have a vision to reverse the course of conversations about education.

We want to see children’s voices being heard, collaboration across sectors, and more engagement with the stakeholders who really matter–students, educators, and parents. This magazine is just the beginning of realizing that vision, but we cannot realize this dream alone. If you also believe in this vision, we invite you to join our movement and community.

We need your support to make Ottiya a reality by purchasing our magazine on Indiegogo and pledging a Tweet or Facebook post via Thunderclap to help spread the word about our campaign.

Thanks! Much love, Rufina


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