Good Night with Foundy (bedtime stories podcast)


Good Night with Foundy is a creative storytelling podcast for young kids (Pre-K~Grade 2) featuring a puppy named Foundy and her human friend, Luna. They tell stories, review stories, and make new stories based on published books like The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. Really cute and fun! Global:

ํ•œ๊ตญ South Korea์—์„œ๋Š”:ย  ์˜์–ด๋™ํ™” ASMR Good Night with Foundy ๋ฅผ ๊ฒ€์ƒ‰ํ•˜์‹œ๋ฉด ์ฐพ์œผ์‹ค ์ˆ˜ ์žˆ์–ด์š”! ๋„ค์ด๋ฒ„ ์˜ค๋””์˜คํด๋ฆฝ์—์„œ ๋งŒ๋‚˜์š” :0) ์˜ค๋Š˜ ํ•˜๋ฃจ๋„ ์ž˜ ๋ณด๋ƒˆ๋‚˜์š”? It’s been a long day and now, it’s time to sleep. z z Z ๋ถˆ์„ ๋„๊ณ  ์ด๋ถˆ์„ ๋ฎ๊ณ , ๊ท€๋ฅผ ๊ธฐ์šธ์—ฌ ๋ณด์„ธ์š”. Luna & Foundy๊ฐ€ ์˜์–ด๋™ํ™” ASMR๋ฅผ ๋“ค๋ ค๋“œ๋ฆด๊ฒŒ์š”. “Good night. Ruff ruff!”

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