[Intro to Scratch Jr] The Coding Song | Kids Coding Song

This week, learn all about control blocks and sound blocks such as the stop block, repeat block, go fast block, and pop block.

Watch the Video on Ottiya’s YouTube channel:

The Coding Song – Ottiya Lyrics

‘Cause the blue blocks

make you Go left

make you Go right

they make you move


And the pink blocks

they make you Grow

they make you Shrink

they make you change


With the green blocks

You can record,

Turn on the mic

And make a sound


While the orange blocks

Make you go fast,

Make you go slow

You take the lead


And the Yellow Block

Will make you start

With the green flag

Or start on bump


Now the red blocks

Makes you stop

Makes you repeat

Oh that was fun



Now we know all the blocks

So let’s dance and sing along


Move left (move left)

Move right (move right)

Let’s shrink (let’s shrink)

And now grow (now grow)


Do a hop (do a hop)

Move down (move down)

Now move it up (now move it up)

And make a sound (and make a sound)


Hands-On Activities:  

  • Watch the Coding Song! 

  • Afterwards, review all of the Scratch Jr. cards together as a class. 

  • Present kids with one of the Scratch Jr. Flashcards and ask students to guess what the block is called and what it does. For example, if kids are presented with the Pop Block flashcard, kids need to say, “This is the Pop Block! It makes a pop sound”. 

  • Download the Scratch Junior Flashcards here

Scratch Jr. Flashcards

  • Need a review on what the Scratch Junior blocks do? Review the block descriptions from the official Scratch Junior website here: 


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