Ottiya Issue One

Ottiya is an international education magazine co-created by children, educators, and creatives. In the inaugural issue, we explore the theme of community since this is the first time that we are bringing people together for the Ottiya magazine. You will read over one hundred pages of enriching articles and hands-on activities featuring design thinking experts IDEO, empathy education in Denmark, Finnish coding storyteller Linda Liukas, Sesame Workshop China and many others. Our contributors are students, educators, architects, and practitioners who are from from places as different as South Korea and Spain and represent organizations such as the Harvard Alumni for Education, the Capital of Children (an initiative of the Lego Foundation), Barefoot Nature, Danish Folkeskole. and leading International Baccalaureate schools.

Table of Contents


A Canadian art therapist’s thoughts and hands-on activity on: Nurturing Our Children’s Creativity Sally Chung

Fancy Bricolage? A fun activity using everyday objects: Make Words with Things! Mijeong Takahashi

How to talk to kids about their dreams: Making Our Hopes and Dreams Come True Samantha Song 

How to help children to become closer to nature by a biophilia advocate in Australia: We. Are. Nature James MacDiarmid

Talk about well-being and healthy living with the whole family: Eat Food, Not Too Much, and Mostly Plants Laura Tsang

Design for Learning

An Exploration of IDEO’s Redesign of School Cafeterias in San Francisco, USA by two Architects: Human Centered Design Thinking & Community Engagement Jerónimo van Schendel and Begoña de Abajo

What Designing Learning Spaces Looks Like from the Perspective of an Architect turned Elementary School Teacher: Designing Learning Environments Stephen Sun

Children as Experts of School Design: Illustrations of Schools … Kids from around the globe: Greece, China, and South Korea

Community Voices

A Danish elementary school student interviews people at ther school: What Makes a Great School Nadia Düring Rosendahl

Two middle schoolers show us what schools in Denmark are like: Kindness and Empathy in the Danish Folkeskole Laura Malou Philipsen and Mathilde Ploug Hansen

A teacher, parent, and student share their thoughts about Singapore’s schooling: Views on Singapore’s Competitive Education System Evelyn Peiqi Ooi Widjaja

How educational programs could help alleviate youth poverty in rural China: From Sesame Street to the Communities of Left Behind Children in China Rae Cao

Why and how reflection can become a more integral part of learning experiences: Reflection, a Nobler Way Rebekah Nivala

Interview with Linda Liukas, author of Hello Ruby which uses storytelling to teach coding: Hello Linda, Hello Ruby! Rufina K. Park

How educational initiatives are helping Japan to become a more inclusive and multicultural society: Teaching Diversity in Japan Hanna Otani

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