• Arivest: 360 Career ExplorationsJanuary 7, 2020Arivest (short for the slogan, "Arrive at your Best"), is an initiative started by Ottiya to help teens and young people to discover their passions and interest. This video is part of the 360 Career Exploration series that features an interview + behind the scenes look at a day in the life of a career that can open their eyes to new lifestyles, perspectives, and other important matters to consider when deciding on a career.
  • Poems and Stories for Kids with HannahApril 8, 2020Come and join Hannah for readings of your favorite poems and stories for early years! 한나 선생님과 함께 다양한 영어 시와 노래를 만나보세요! 네이버 오디오 클립에서도 만나요!
  • Ottiya TeachersMay 1, 2020We're so excited to be offering interactive online classes for you from spring/summer 2020! Learn more about the amazing Ottiya teachers below 😊
  • Ottiya Story Time (English/Korean)January 15, 2021Come listen to Ottiya's books and content for early years in English and Korean. Learn about the four seasons, emotions, space, and more! 오티야에서 출판하는 영어 스토리와 콘텐츠를 영어와 한국어로 만나세요. 사계절, 감정, 우주에 대해서 듣고 배우로 오세요!
  • Chinese Story TimeMay 4, 2020A collection of Chinese stories for story times at home. If you're interested in interactive Chinese story time, you can sign up for Chinese Story Time with Jenny by going to
  • Creative Storytelling for KidsOctober 21, 2020Ideas and projects by students in creative storytelling classes at Ottiya!
  • Korean Language (한국어)November 6, 2020Hello there friends! 안녕 친구들! Let's learn Korean language together with Kkot Power 🙂 우리 다 같이 꽃파워와 함께 한국어 배워보자. 1, 2, 3, let's go! 하나, 둘, 셋, 가자!
  • STEAM for KidsDecember 23, 2020Come on and explore what we can create with coding, machine learning, artificial intelligence, AR/VR and more!
  • How to Make a Short-Story on Scratch Jr.January 15, 2021Do you want to make your own story using Scratch Jr.? Have you never used Scratch Jr. before? Have no fear 🙂 Come along and join our Scratch Jr. video tutorial series and learn how to use the app with Sammy the Robot! This series is appropriate for kids who are ages 5+ and have minimal background with the app! Look out for updates on Fridays at 9AM PST/12PM EST!