• Field NotesMarch 9, 2018Field notes is a place for our contributors (educators, students, and creatives) to post thoughts, wonderings, and questions that come up when they are in the field. It's a place for un unedited and honest collective journal of our journey towards better learning and education
  • Our ContributorsAugust 1, 2019Learn more about the contributors of the Ottiya magazine and platform.
  • We Love You WhaleDecember 16, 2019We Love You Whale is a heartwarming story about self-discovery and empathy. This series explores activities that explores the themes of the story in more detail. Subscribe now to get full access to the downloadable activity sheets!
  • For Everything There is a SeasonFebruary 28, 2019Learn about the four seasons with whimsical drawing and reflection activities. The book will have you thinking about spring, summer, fall, and winter with all of your five senses. At the end of the book, there’s also a story about the four seasons that you can illustrate. Truly a fun, meaningful, and creative activity book for children, parents, and educators! Check out the accompanying videos on Ottiya's YouTube channel!
  • Ottiya Play IssueMay 28, 2019In the Ottiya Magazine Play Issue, we explore the intersections of play and learning. We uncover how education innovators all over the world understand and conceptualize play in different ways. Together with our contributors, we explore questions such as: what kind of objects allow for free play? How is tinkering related to play? What are the challenges of designing places for play? How can we help students to create playful experiences in virtual reality instead of limiting them as consumers?
  • Early Years Socio-Emotional LearningDecember 24, 2019Explore socio-emotional learning with Ottiya's characters Bora, Won, and Simon. Check out the books, merchandise and the YouTube series!