Ottiya Class and Teacher Quality

Ottiya Class and Teacher Quality

Finding the right teacher and copyright issues

  • – Ottiya reviews the professional background and education of all teachers and selects those who have teaching experience, subject matter expertise, or unique passions they believe will benefit and empower young learners
  • – Ottiya ensures that teachers have the technical skills to successfully run online classes
  • – Ottiya provides training for new teachers.
  • – Ottiya offers an authentic review system that helps guide parents towards the right classes for them
  • – Ottiya features teacher profiles and connects them to the relevant teacher’s classes and other offerings
  • – Ottiya approves all classes and lessons prior class launch
  • – Ottiya is not responsible for teachers’ copyright violations which happens in class, as all teachers are responsible for making sure that content abides by international copyright standards
  • – Ottiya is not responsible for what happens in each class, but will make an effort to screen as much as possible to eliminate content that is not appropriate for learners, however each teacher runs their class independently

Teacher training

  • – Ottiya watches class recordings and shares suggestions with teachers on how to improve their classes
  • – Ottiya offers training for teachers


  • – Ottiya monitors teacher review scores, attendance, and responsiveness to messages
  • – Ottiya investigates reports of bad behavior and take actions as appropriate
  • – Ottiya may limit a teacher’s activity or ultimately remove them from Ottiya
  • – Ottiya will warn or remove learners who disrupt classes for others


Ottiya enforces a set of community standards that set high-level expectations for teachers and parents.

Group Class Policy 

  • – In the event that only one person signs up for a 40-minute group class, the class will continue, but will be held for 30-minutes