Ottiya Classes Refund Policy

Ottiya Classes Refund Policy

Standard Terms

These terms apply to all online classes:

Refund Policies

  • – Full refund: if requested 5 days prior to when a class begins
  • – 75% refund:  if requested 2-4 days prior to the start of a class
  • – 0% refund: if requested less than 48 hours before a class starts
  • – Students requesting a refund will need to bear the cost of the refund transaction fee

Teacher side changes:

  • – Unless a teacher cancels a class at least 5 days prior to the start of the class, the teacher will be receiving penalty charge of 5% of their 30-minute teaching rate
  • – If the teacher misses a one-time class, students will receive a full refund of the missed class upon a written email request
  • – If part of a class is rescheduled, students will receive, upon a written email request, a pro-rated refund based on the number of classes that were rescheduled and that you did not attend
  • – If the teacher does not teach the number of classes promised, students will receive a pro-rated refund upon request
  • – If the teacher cancels a class in progress, you will receive a pro-rated refund based on the percentage of classes you paid for that were canceled, and the teacher will bear the cost of the transaction fees

Student side changes:

  • – If a student missed a class, he/she is not entitled to a refund.  If 3 consecutive classes are missed without communicating to the teacher, the class fee will be forfeited and the teacher may cancel the class. Learners, however, may be transferred to other available sections at the teacher’s discretion, and a recording may be available. 
  • – If students have not joined the class 10 minutes after the start time, the class may be cancelled, at the teacher’s discretion, which will then be considered as a missed class and you are not entitled to a refund
  • – Teachers may transfer students to another section of the same class with your consent

 *Payments for refunds will be made via Paypal and can take up to 14~28  business days.

Kindly note, there are no refunds on materials purchased or any applicable shipping charges if materials have been shipped. Ottiya has no obligation to provide a refund if you or your child violates an online class policy or otherwise fails to comply with any material terms or conditions applicable to enrollment.

Ongoing Classes

Full payment for all classes are required prior to the first day of any given class . 7 days advance payment is recommended. Contact us at hello[at] with any further questions or concerns.