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Are we forming children who are only capable of learning what is already known? Or should we try to develop creative and innovative minds, capable of discovery from preschool age on, throughout life?

Jean Piaget

Nurturing Our Children’s Creativity

words Sally Chung illustrations Amy Sihyeon Jeong When we hear the word “art”, we often think of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, or Van Gogh’s Starry Night and hastily conclude that we… Read More

[We Love You Whale] Going Further

Going Further In Going Further, learners are asked to use their imagination and creativity to write down what makes characters of the story special. Although there is some information provided… Read More

Growing Pains

JoyCare, a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing affordable childcare for low-income families in Jakarta, Indonesia, journeys through the challenges of expansion and refinement. * * * Sandy Ooi (27), founder… Read More

Algorithm Challenge: Bus Tickets

Create an algorithm for the computer, which asks the user for age and returns the price that the user needs to pay for the bus ticket. – The children under...… Read More

Running Algorithms in Python

People speak natural languages such as English, Korean Spanish, etc., so we can give them instructions (algorithms) in one of these languages and they will understand. However, in order to… Read More