Hunting for Treasure: A Fun Way to Explore Nature

Spending time outdoors can be an exciting adventure for children of all ages. There are so many fun things that kids can do no matter where they are. One of my favorite outdoor activities to do with children is to hunt for treasures.

Our earth is filled with an infinite amount of precious ‘gems’ that are just waiting to be discovered. So grab a pouch or container, get the kids and head out in search of some amazing finds. You never know what you may see along the way.

Activity Description:
With treasure hunting, children are encouraged to collect interesting objects that they may discover as they stroll through a garden, park or neighborhood. Objects often include interesting rocks, twigs, acorns, fallen leaves, feathers, shells, fallen flowers and whatever else that may peak the interest of your child(ren).

Items Needed:
A bag, basket or pouch to hold little treasures.

Parent/Caregiver Tip:
Children are often excited about the possibilities of what they may find so when they finally discover their treasures, you can help keep that excitement going with a positive words and reassuring feedback.

After Your Walk:
1. Be sure to check items and bags to ensure that no little creature friends have hitchhiked their way back to your indoor environment.
2. Clean any items that may be muddy or soiled to ensure that your indoor space remains in tact.
3. Share photos of some of the wonderful finds with friends and on social media. Tag me @colrfall. I’d love chat about what your little explorers have found.

Happy Hunting!
Melanie Charlene, Author

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