Ottiya is an international education magazine co-created by children, educators, and creatives. In the inaugural issue, we explore the theme of community since this is the first time that we are bringing people together for the Ottiya magazine. You will read over one hundred pages of enriching articles and hands-on activities featuring design thinking experts IDEO, empathy education in Denmark, Finnish coding storyteller Linda Liukas, Sesame Workshop China and many others.

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Nurturing Our Children’s Creativity

words Sally Chung illustrations Amy Sihyeon Jeong When we hear the word “art”, we often think of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, or Van Gogh’s Starry Night and hastily conclude that we… Read More

Teaching Diversity in Japan

words Hanna Otani photo Cory Schadt My best friend from middle school was bullied when she came back to Japan from the United States in 5th grade because she was… Read More

Reflection, a Nobler Way

Reflection, a nobler way words Rebekah Nivala  illustrations Rufina K. Park As I reflect on the role of reflection in my own journey toward wisdom, there are several experiences I… Read More

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor In June 2016, I was wrapping up a presentation on a report I wrote about South Korea’s creative and software education for the Asia Pacific Foundation… Read More

Making Our Hopes and Dreams Come True

words and photo Samantha Song  illustration Rufina K. Park At the beginning of each school year, my key priority as an educator is to create an inclusive and inviting classroom… Read More

We. Are. Nature

words and photos James MacDiarmid Biophilia was first introduced by EO Wilson, an American biologist and refers to the notion that there is an instinctive bond, even urge to affiliate,… Read More