In the Ottiya Magazine Play Issue, we explore the intersections of play and learning. We uncover how education innovators all over the world understand and conceptualize play in different ways. Together with our contributors, we explore questions such as: what kind of objects allow for free play? How is tinkering related to play? What are the challenges of designing places for play? How can we help students to create playful experiences in virtual reality instead of limiting them as consumers?

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AuthorPiia Martikainen

Thinking Creatively Through Construction

Why should children play through construction? Why is it important that they fail? Having kids build stuff seems like an unremarkable activity, but in reality what’s really involved is much……...

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Compositional Tinkering in the Music Room

In this article, I explore if a music educator can and should think of composition as tinkering. Traditional compositional pedagogy may miss valuable and enjoyable learning experiences the tinkering process… Read More

Food for Thought

Parents say, “don’t play with your food.” But have you ever considered food as art? Every week, grocery shopping is an essential activity for each family, and there is no… Read More

Learning By Tinkering

Are you a tinkerer? Tinkering, to most people, implies ‘messing about’ or playing with something: taking physical things apart, or making them, and not always with a set goal in……...

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