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AuthorAllie Pasquier
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Issue One Contributors: Laura Tsang

Laura is a 9-5 lawyer who devotes her spare time to the pursuit of creativity. You can read Laura’s full photo reflection piece in the Community Issue of the Ottiya Magazine.… Read More


Issue One Contributors: Rae Cao

Rae works at Sesame Workshop China office and manages its social impact and education programs. She wrote an article about the communities of left-behind children in China and how educational… Read More


Issue One Contributors: Stephen Sun

Stephen is an educational architect/ real estate developer-turned 4th grade teacher. He wrote an article about designing learning environments in the first issue of the Ottiya Magazine. Learn more about Stephen… Read More

james macdiarmid

Issue One Contributors: James MacDiarmid

James contributed an article and activity about nature and biophilia in the first issue of the Ottiya Magazine. Learn more about James and his article below:  How would you introduce yourself… Read More

Play Issue Contributors: Allie Pasquier

Allie is an educator, play advocate, and writer living in the Pacific Northwest of the US. She is the Founder of Bakers and Astronauts. Her piece, “Playful Materials” in the upcoming Play… Read More