[Spinner in Unity] For Educators: Curriculum Guide

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Making a spinner in Unity is a great entry-level project to get students to think about programming and development. This series was created with students in middle/high school in mind, but it could be used for younger and older students with modification on how the content is presented.

Learn more about teaching ideas in this video and by downloading the curriculum guide:

This is also a perfect project for teachers who do not have a programming background, but wanted to try to integrate more STEAM education into an existing mathematics curriculum. As you will have noticed in the series, this project involves a variety of math concepts such as:

  • – Cartesian coordinate system for a three dimensional space (rotation of the wheel)
  • – Decay models/functions (slowing down the wheel) 
  • – Probability of landing on a particular color (where the needle lands when the wheel stops)

You could also use this series to teach more complex concepts such as

  • – Problem solving skills (as a teacher, you could weave in a story that adds more complexity and meaning to this project)
  • – For example: Ottiya wants to change the color of their logo mascot. The team wants to choose one of the colors on the wheel–which color should they choose? Should a spinner be used to make decisions about work and life? Why or why not?
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