Make Your Own Vision Board

We will be creating our own vision board in Microsoft PowerPoint using the steps outlined in the Visualize Your Goals article.

  1. Write down the SMART goal. 
    For example, my goal is to master the Nutcracker ballet performance enough for my teacher to give a 90-point grade 3 times in a row by April 30th, 2020.
  2. Imagine the results.
    I imagine standing in front of my classmates and their parents at the ballet class in my favorite tutu. I have just completed the dance and they are giving me a standing ovation. My parents and teacher have a proud smile on their faces. Finally, I am feeling so satisfied after all the hard work I put into achieving this goal.
  3. As mentioned already, we will be using PowerPoint and the Internet to make our vision board.
  4. Clip images that resonate with my imagination. We did this by typing the following phrases into Google Images: “nutcracker ballet performance”, “proud ballerina parents”, “proud teacher”, “accomplished person”, and “standing ovation”.
  5. Paste photos onto the board and design as you see fit.

Now it’s your turn, create a vision board for your goals and dreams! Feel free to use my personal goal-setting and vision board video as a guide during your journey.

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