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[THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK DUE UNTIL 2022. IF YOU’D LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT THE RESTOCKING OF THE PRODUCT, PLEASE LEAVE US A MESSAGE WITH YOUR NAME + EMAIL + INTEREST (QUANTITY/PRODUCT NAME) ON THE SUPPORT CHAT ON THE BOTTOM LEFT-HAND OF THE SCREEN] Remon 3D SP-N020 is 3D lens the way it can be mounted in front of a mobile phone camera and filmed using a mobile phone. It is a lens that can shoot True 3D image, not Pseudo 3D that converts the exisiting 2D image to 3D. By shooting 3D image with single lens, single camera, we minimize distortion of right and left screen. It is characterized by lossless angle of view. Because it has the way of using mobile phone. It is also small and economical. Moreover it can apply mobile phone’s superior function.

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1. Remyde 3D lens’s features

  • -It can film the 3d image, which has natural depth and protrusion, because the left and
    right images are aligned well
  • -It can be installed on all mobile phones and can film the 3d images
  • -It is easy to use regardless of kid and adult
  • -It is possible to film the 3d images as high resolution (4K, FHD, HD)
  • -It can film the still picture and video as a three-dimensional space
  • -It is possible to film in dark place because there is no loss of light and it can also film the night scene
  • -It canfilm the image as a broad angle (78 degree)

2. Installation and Camera Setting

  • -When we film the 3D video, the mobile phone should be horizontal status (not vertical status)
  • -If there are multiple rear cameras (wide angle, standard, telescope), REMON 3D lens should be mounted on standard camera
  • -In case of using thicker mobile phone protection cases, the gap between camera and Remon 3D lens is happened, but it is no problem to use thin case such as Gel case.
  • -Please don’t use the digital zoom (Screen Magnification) and video stabilization function
  • -The camera setting is that screen ratio is 16:9,image size is over FHD (the highest resolution) and frame is 60Fps
    (There is an advantage when we film the fast motion)
  • -The center boundary of the left and right images should be centered on the mobile phone screen, adjusts the lens slope to
    maintain the horizontal position of the image, and fixes it with a stopper, and then start to shoot.

3. You can film the high quality and high resolution image as fixing the focus well 

  • -If the camera has a manual (pro) function, please leave ISO, IRIS, and WB as “auto mode” after switching to “manual mode”,
    and please fix the MF (Focus) to “long distance (unlimited distance)”. At this status, if you film the 3D video, you can focus on all objects accurately (Highly Recommended).
  • -When 3D lens is mounted, the focus depth is from 1m to long distance
  • -If there is no manual function, please download “manual camera” app from the App Store.
  • -In “Auto mode”, you have to fix the focus as touching the center on the left or right screen by finger, and then you can
    start to shoot. If you want to fix the focus continuously, please press the screen for 2~3 seconds

4. The filming for effective stereoscopic image

  • -When the distance from the object is within 1 meter, it can cause the dizziness because of 3D effect is excessive, but the temporary access for moving objects can be allowed.
  • -If you take a shoot the near object and the distance view at the same time, the three dimensionality is maximized.
  • -The skills such as exposure, focus and composition, are required in general photo filming, but the stereoscopic images
    need to express the space sense additionally, So you have to film the image repeatably and have to get the best image.
  • -Please search ‘3D LENS for mobile REMYDE in Youtube channel and ‘remydeOfficial’ in Instagram
  • www.remyde.co.kr


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