Early Years Literacy through Songs with Hannah! 👶

Hi everyone, my name is Hannah. I like playing with my computer, traveling, and reading. I hope to meet you soon~👶

Four things about Hannah:

  1. I like having fun
  2. I make the Ottiya series: “Poems for Kids with Hannah”
  3. I like telling stories to lots of people
  4. I love playing. with my computer

Hannah’s Class Offerings:

When I was a little girl:

This is a photo of me when I was 6 years old! I am right in the middle.

For Parents:

Hannah is the creator of the Ottiya Series: Poems for Kids. As a working mom who was actively involved in educating her child, Hannah was always passionately involved in homeschooling and is excited to work with children and parents again through Ottiya classes! She’s taught students as young as pre-schoolers all the way up to business professionals. As a management consultant, she has worked with companies across all continents in fields such as education, health care, and telecommunications.


  • – University of Maryland: B.S. Business Management and Computer Studies 

Teaching expertise: 

  • – ESL/ELL: literacy through singing for early years, ESL/ELL (all ages)
  • – Korean Language
  • – 21st Century Skills: entrepreneurship for middle/high school students
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