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Ottiya is a creative learning content studio and platform for kids ages 5-12. We create content that is meaningful, fun, and creative for kids all over the world! Ottiya works together with 60+ content contributors from 25+ countries to produce digital content, publications, and audio (podcasts/music). In addition, through Ottiya Classes, Ottiya offers kids the opportunity to grow into creative global citizens! 


Our name Ottiya comes from combining the English word for our favorite animal, otter, with the Korean word, ya, which is added to the end of a friend’s name as a way to show endearment. Together, ottiya is a transfusion of words from the East and the West and means "Hi Otter". Ottiya takes inspiration from otters, who are gentle sea creatures that hold hands when they sleep. Ottiya is committed to going hand-in-hand with the global community of learners, parents, and teachers into the future. 



Ottiya started out as a print magazine with the same name in 2017, which explored themes in 21st century creative learning such as community, play, and empathy. Since then, those ideas from the magazine have helped fuel our other work in our creative content studio and platform! You can also find us on Apple Podcasts / Naver AudioClip / YouTube / Kyobobooks! 

Some of the organizations that have been featured or have formed content partnerships with us include the Capital of Children (LEGO Foundation), MIT Media Lab, the Empathy Institute, REACH (Harvard Graduate School of Education), Making Caring Common (Harvard Graduate School of Education), and hundreds of students, teachers, and parents from all over the world!


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