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Ottiya is a creative learning content studio and platform for the 21st-century. Our content is created by and for education innovators from diverse backgrounds around the globe. We are guided by the question: "What is meaningful, creative, and fun learning and education?". With a global community of contributors, Ottiya is helping to facilitate dialogue and providing the content and tools needed to implement creative learning.

In our work, we strive to be inclusive of young people's voices, actively seek thought-provoking and creative ideas from diverse fields, and nurture a grassroots movement to improve education around the world. 


The name Ottiya comes from combining two words from the West and the East: Otter + ya (a word you add at the end of a name when calling a friend in Korean) to mean "Hi Otter". Similarly to how otters sleep by holding hands together, Ottiya strives to go hand-in-hand with the global community into the future. 




We began our work in spring 2017 with the successful launch of our magazine. Our magazines are an exploration of creative learning with our global community and we continue the conversation on our platform. Based on the shared dialogue and knowledge we gather from our community, we create meaningful, creative, and fun augmented reality books and virtual reality experiences.

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