Ottiya Classes Recording Policy

Ottiya Classes Recordings Policy

Ottiya makes recordings of all live classes to provide coaching for teachers, safety, and customer support purposes.  We value student privacy, and our use of recordings is limited to situations where it provides significant value. 

Recordings are provided to teachers and students for the following limited purposes, and no others (unless Ottiya obtains additional approval for):

  • – for enrolled students who missed class and informed Ottiya or the teacher that they would be absent at least 24 hours before a class starts (before viewing an Ottiya class recording, families must agree not to share it with anyone)
  • for teachers to improve their classes
  • – before class recordings are sent to students/families, they must agree not to share it with anyone
  • – Ottiya takes students’ privacy seriously. We never share class recordings (or any personally identifying information) outside of the students or teachers who enrolled in the class unless students’ identities (names and faces) have been protected like in this video

Families can only take pictures and record audio and videos depicting their own learners participating in the class.

  • families are not permitted to capture (in any form) other learners or share the faces and names of other learners 
  • it is not okay to take pictures, record audio, or videos of the class materials 
  • – all materials shared by teachers in class (e.g. but not limited to materials such as slide presentations, videos, and the teacher’s presentation of such materials) are protected by copyright laws. All rights are reserved to the creator(s) of these materials. No part of the materials shared in the class may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the creator(s)

For Teachers: when requested by Ottiya before the start of the class, it is the teacher’s responsibility to have the class recorded. In the event that an enrolled student requests a class recording (because she/he missed a class and had provided at least a 24 hour advance notice of being absent), but the recording is not available, teachers may have to provide a make-up class without extra charge to the student.