Songs about Whales

Music can inspire us with ideas, emotions, and imagery that can in turn be transformed into a creative story. As you listen to these songs below, think about these questions below:

  • – What does it make you feel?
  • – What does it remind you of?
  • – How is it similar or different from the other songs?
  • – How would you express this song in the form of a drawing?
  • – Who is the intended audience?

[Kids Acoustic Song] Creatures in the Ocean (Ottiya 2020)

[Orchestral OST] The White Whale Chant (Roque Baños 2015) In The Heart Of The Sea (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

[Orchestral OST] Inevitable Collapse (Steven Price 2019) Coastal Seas Episode 4/ Sountrack from the Netflix Original Series “Our Planet) 

[Orchestral OST] Blue Whale (George Fenton 1996) Music for the The Blue Planet

[Orchestral OST] The Blue Planet (Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea & David Fleming 2017) Blue Planet II (Original Television Soundtrack)

[K-Pop] Whale (Sejeong 2020)

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