Ibukunoluwa Aribilola

100% Chance of Failure

January 8, 2020

Most people have several ideas about what they want to be in the future. We might think about pursuing careers as different as a firefighter, teacher, engineer, doctor, farmer, or… Read More

Goal Setting Techniques

January 8, 2020

By this point, you have a general idea of what you are passionate about. If not, then it is a good idea to read the 100% Chance of Failure post… Read More

Visualize Your Goals

January 8, 2020

A common cause of unproductivity is a lack of motivation to pursue your goals. It is therefore important to always remind yourself of your goals and why you have chosen… Read More

Make Your Own Vision Board

January 8, 2020

We will be creating our own vision board in Microsoft PowerPoint using the steps outlined in the Visualize Your Goals article. Write down the SMART goal. For example, my goal is… Read More

Algorithm Challenge: Bus Tickets

December 24, 2019

Create an algorithm for the computer, which asks the user for age and returns the price that the user needs to pay for the bus ticket. – The children under……...

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Running Algorithms in Python

December 24, 2019

People speak natural languages such as English, Korean Spanish, etc., so we can give them instructions (algorithms) in one of these languages and they will understand. However, in order to… Read More

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