Gold Medal Scratch Student Projects | 2021-2022

“Scratch Restaurant V2” by faststar12345 

✿ What’s special about this project:

  • Mix of existing Scratch art and some customized/self-drawn vector artwork

  • Interactivity created by allowing users to choose from a menu list

  • Use of Events (When I receive/Broadcast) blocks to allow for the sequencing of events

“Warrior Cats Interactive Story – The Lost Kit” by random_scroller 

✿ What’s special about this project:

  • Creative and interactive story that allows users to choose their own adventures

  • Customized Vector artwork throughout the entire project

  • Operators (e.g. Or), Sensing (e.g. Questions and Answers), Events (Broadcast/When I Receive), and Variables to intertwine and present the story to the audience

  • Added to the official Scratch studio! 

✿ Links ✿


For Parents & Teachers:

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